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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Food For Thought: Our 10 Day Challenge

James and I have embarked on another harebrained mission – it seems this is the summer of personal challenges!  This time we decided, after looking at our credit card statement and the way our clothes fit thanks to the last two weeks, that we’re going to try not eating or drinking out for 10 days.  Why 10?  Because that’s how many days until I leave for a trip back home and James can’t be trusted to cook for himself while I’m gone.  Makes sense. 

I’ve also challenged myself to sweat everyday until I leave – the hope being that I will continue that habit while I’m in Oregon, and then some.  They say it takes 21 days to form or break a habit, but I’ve always been a fast learner.   

It doesn’t have to be a big, intense workout, even just waking up with a few sun-salutations to get my blood moving is a positive addition to my day, but most importantly: it’s maintainable.  I’ve been reading a lot about “healthy routines;” they all seem lovely, vaguely analogous, and yes, super healthy, but honestly…so unrealistic.  Healthy doesn’t have to be pretty or pristine and it looks different to everyone.

So this has been day #1 of our little adventure.  I kicked off the day with a fantastic ride at SoulCycle, caught up with my dear friend, had a positive and productive day, sweat some more at Stadium Fitness Yoga this evening, and made delicious, healthy-to-me meals.  For dinner we inhaled long awaited grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto and tomatoes melted inside, little salads (James ate SALAD!) and watermelon.  It was a perfect summer night spread, and no, it wasn’t “diet food,” it was homemade, sustainable deliciousness and it was wonderful.  Day 1…nailed it. 


  1. Jules! How did the 10 day challenge go??

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  3. Hiiii! It was pretty good, we had two slip ups but for the most part stayed strong! Upside: we saved money and ate much healthier than if we were going out. Downside: I felt completely deprived of social interaction! I didn't realize that most get togethers with friends involve buying food or drinks...so by Friday I was dying to hang out with people.