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Friday, July 3, 2015

Explorations: Summer Getaway to Amador County

Every time I travel I come back a little bit better.  There's something about getting away from home-base that triggers this wonderful reset in my brain; things that were stale or confusing suddenly feel crisp and clear, my appreciation for the comforts I often take for granted is recovered, and more than anything my inspiration and motivation levels skyrocket.  Stepping away from routine is far and away that best thing I can do for my career.  Also traveling usually means vacation and vacation usually means fun and who wouldn't be thrilled about those things?  But the main point is: adventure = ideas and opportunity -- now to keep that fire alive and follow through until my next chance to reboot!

I was charioted up I-5 in my friend Ginger's Prius C, accompanied also by our dear friend Julia, our destination Amador City, and more specifically Ginger's parents' house.  The Budrick's hospitality was unbeatable, the wine was all too drinkable, the people I met were delightful, and the weather was SCALDING hot sweaty gross.  It was pure magic.

This was my first trip to Wine Country, and my first time wine tasting (which is preposterous given the vino-fanatics I traveled and generally keep company with).
Needless to say, I loved it.  It's now all I want to do, ever.

Wine tasting at Borjon Winery with (right to left) Julia, Ginger, and Ginger's long-time friend Candice.  Far and away my favorite wine of the trip!

Amador City, Ginger's hometown and still home of our hosts (who are a part of the local ukulele club -- this isn't their house but it's safe to say that the Budricks, as well as the rest of Amador are genuine Uke-A-Maniacs) is like a perfectly preserved time capsule.  As soon as you enter you sort of hear old-timey music play in your head and would not be at all surprised to see a horse and buggy clip-clop past you on the dusty road.  The fact that it was about 106° most of the trip made it even easier to picture tumbleweeds lazily drifting by on the empty streets, abandoned for the comfort of air conditioning or shady vineyards.  The wild turkeys were the only ones that didn't seem to mind the heat...they pretty much run the town.

 My favorite part about getting to vacation with family (I feel like I can call them family because they treated me like a part of theirs from the moment we arrived) is how laid back everything gets to be.  We went for walks, had FABULOUS home cooked meals from the Budricks and their friends, listened to the ukulele and sang songs under the stars, and had coffee of the deck overlooking the trees every morning.  That, my friends, is better, more loving accommodation than any 4-star hotel could ever supply.

Also we ate something called "Atomic Frog Balls."  Not gonna lie, they were delicious.