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Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Summer Bucket List

A huge part of this June Challenge for me is about becoming organized and focused, which means I am constantly making lists.  Workouts.  Meal plans.  Chores.  Career goals.  Silly little life details that ping pong around my head throughout the day...so many things to do! 

Today I'm sharing a few of my lighter summertime goals.  I call it My Summer Bucket List and I loved making it!  I encourage everyone to take a minute to at least think about few things that are important, fun, and fulfilling, put them on a piece of paper and get them DONE over the next three months.  We constantly say, "I want to do that so bad..." or "I wish..." or "Maybe someday..."  Not someday.  Now.  Tomorrow.  This month.  This summer.  We plan and we follow through and with each project we are one step closer to becoming who we want to be.

P.S. Sometimes I get a little too caught up in the motivational wordiness and when I read it back I think, "who the hell wrote this?  What a sap."  I feel like it's important that you know that I roll my eyes at myself constantly, but the more I write this stuff that more consistent I become in my own goals.  So that has to mean something.  I also feel like it's important that you know that I wrote this post while watching Hell's Kitchen and hearing Gordon Ramsey scream obscenities at his chefs.  That is also highly motivational.  And terrifying.  Mostly terrifying.

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