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Friday, March 4, 2016

March Goals

March kicked off a little bit rough. 

Apparently dogs can develop allergies just like humans and Wizard recently became a sneezing, wheezing, drippy little ball of allergic energy.  It’s like when a young wizard finally gets his magic powers and doesn’t yet know how to control them…only with more snot ands some extremely alarming noises. 

I, of course, was a stress-ball about the whole thing because it got to the point that he was having a little trouble breathing at night – we would be up and down constantly, him trying to get comfortable and me petting and cooing, worrying myself into a sleepless frenzy.  Then came the night of doggy puking, which started around 12:30am and continued until who even knows when…his sinuses and soft palette were so irritated that all the coughing and sneezing caused him to wretch…continuously.  It was terrible. 

The very worst thing about your beloved pet being sick as that you can’t fully communicate with them.  You can’t ask them what feels bad, or hurts, or tell them it’s going to be okay.  You just have to be there with them, silent support, diligently looking for signs that the situation is getting better or worse.  It’s painful.  It’s the most aggravating stress I think I’ve ever experienced, and it makes me terrified to be the mother of a human…but at least eventually they’re able to talk to you.

I’m happy to say that Wizard is on some vet-prescribed antihistamines now and doing much better.  We went for a walk this morning and, though it did make his nose and eyes water, he was thrilled to be out and about again.  Hopefully this is something that becomes easily managed in the near future, since Wizard’s two favorite activities are hiking and chasing the ball in a grassy field.  Poor little monster.

Waiting for meds at the vet...note the BAGS under my eyes.

So that was the beginning of March.  Sleepless.  Stressed.  Very grumpy. 

I also initially sat down to write this post on the 1st and, looking over my February goals, felt like I completely fell off the wagon at the end, so instead of absorbing that and moving forward I threw an internal tantrum/self-shaming session and decided to binge watch Friends instead.  Super healthy.   

In reality, a TON of awesome things happened in February, and aside from the lasagna I actually accomplished most of my list, and that is something to be happy about.  So the lasagna hops on over into March’s goals and we just keep swimming into Spring!

March Goals
  • Try one ethnic food I've never had
  • Cook more, spend less
  • Work on organization and consistency
  • Get the apartment “guest ready” – this means tackling the bedroom!
  • Find places that inspire me both in the city and outside, document them
  • Map out plans for my little terrace garden
  • Eat less meat, more seafood and veggies 
  • Bake a loaf of bread
  • Start attending Lululemon free yoga on Sundays (it’s FREE.  Why am I not doing this?)
  • Make the perfect lasagna for James
  • Learn to make lasagna

I always liked Spring...


  1. Scouty gets goopy eyes this time of year. It freaked me out at first until someone explained that dogs can have seasonal allergies. This is fairly unrelated but last month he threw up for the first time like... Ever? I was a wreck, because--obviously--he was dying. Turns out he just threw up and now he's fine!!!
    I love the idea of monthly goals... Also the idea of a guest room in Pasadena... <3 cheers!!

    1. Isn't it so scary when they do things that might mean they're sick?! I overreact every time, it's nice to know someone else does the same thing :-)

      And I wish we had a guest room! Living in LA is so darn spendy I'm starting to feel like we'll never graduate from a 1 bedroom apartment. We're getting a new, comfy couch though! I just have to tackle our bedroom, which is currently nicknamed The Pit Of Despair...it's my white whale.

  2. Oops, that was Valerie, BTW!

  3. Oops, that was Valerie, BTW!

  4. I've waited a long time for that lasagna.

    Let's bump that to the top of the list! 😁